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Mirror Hall

‘Mirror Hall’, was a Cabin Exchange 20/20 project, part of the Glasgow International 2006 program, where artists were invited to use one of four porta-cabins placed at various locations within the city of Glasgow.
Watt choose to use a cabin placed at Tradeston, an area up for redevelopment, which sits on the opposing side of the river Clyde to Broomielaw, an area, which had recently under redevelopment.
Hugh’s interest in proposing a project for this event stemmed from an interest in making an artwork on and about the location where it would eventually be presented.
‘Mirror Hall’, transformed the porta-cabin into something which disguised it’s heavy masculine structure by cladding it’s exterior in mirror. He was interested in exploring how this might conceal the porta-cabin, reflecting the surrounding buildings in the area. From the cabin he projected a film, which observed glimpses of home life in residential flats, flanked by late night office life in extreme close-up. When recording the film the camera was restricted to vertical and horizontal movements as it moved across the facades of the buildings. What drew Watt to the Tradeston site was linked to it being earmarked as a site for redevelopment and how these transitions in industrial cities bring with them a loss of the communities that once lived and worked there.